Where it all started

Our little shop of needful things was born long before the concept of a shop was even in our thoughts.  Being in a small village in the outskirts of the Klein Karoo and being foodies at heart we do sometimes have challenges finding niche products or interesting finds. 

Well, when Covid hit and brought our day jobs to an instant halt we had to be more creative on our every day living.  


Benita who comes from a hospitality background started an ad hoc courier company for the locals of McGregor to get things to and from Cape Town more easily, with this she started buying and selling mushroom growing kits as well as avocado’s and other “out of the ordinary” vegetables from the Cape Town market.

Once the idea of a shop was born we threw our weight behind it and opened our first little shop on 2 December 2020, in the midst of the Covid-19 Pandemic…

We started small but quickly expanded and moved our premises to 46 Voortrekker road in March of 2021, hugged by How Bazaar and Jimmy’s Pub. 

Now, with a beautiful back garden and ample more space our offering has increased exponentially.  We offer amazing fresh bakes daily with excellent coffee or a glass of wine personally curated by Benita. 

You can browse the items in the shop and even buy a limited range of art produced by Chantal.

Our shop truly is a collaboration of cultures, ideas and people coming together as one. The new Coffee – Deli shop that brings Cape Town closer to you.

Fresh from the deli